Why I Use TheraBulb Incandescent Lamps

We have been manufacturing and selling near infrared saunas for almost 10 years and have learned a lot about incandescent bulbs over the years.  As a result, we use TheraBulb lamps exclusively for the following reasons.

Third Party Testing

This is perhaps the most important factor in our decision to use TheraBulb in our portable near infrared saunas.  I think most of us now understand from a marketing perspective anyone can make a claim about something.  Not everyone can back it up with independent certified lab testing.  This is exactly what TheraBulb has done.  They use the same lab as the US military.

Choice of Wattage

When you are using a portable near infrared sauna you need to be aware of the space you are going to be using it in.  If you are in a small, relatively confined space such as an enclosure you may want to use a lower watt bulb such as the 250W.  If you have a larger space with cooler ambient air temperature you may wish for a stronger wattage such as the 300W lamp to ensure adequate heat to build up a good sweat.

Verified Wavelengths

As a result of the third party testing, we know what the light spectrum distribution is.  TheraBulb has a full spectrum distribution in the red to near infrared wavelength bands.  This means you are getting a little bit of ALL the wavelengths from red up to near infrared.  With LED’s you are only getting a single wavelength and this is not how nature provides us with light from the sun.

Irradiance Levels

If you are planning to use the TheraBulb for its photobiomodulation benefits you don’t need to do anything other than regularly use your sauna.  When you use it consistently you will automatically get a healthy and beneficial dose of photobiomodulation.  For the biohacking folks, due to the independent testing, you can calculate the dose you are getting in a single sauna session.  You don’t need to but it is possible.

Free Of Toxic Substances and Safe

TheraBulb bulbs are RoHS certified. This means that they are free of substances covered in the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC. These substances include lead, mercury, and Teflon.  TheraBulb bulbs also bear the CE mark, meaning that they meet the safety standards for their product category. 

Zero EMF

TheraBulb incandescent bulbs emit virtually no EMF by design. When submitted to an independent lab for testing, the following result was provided by the lab: "Due to the fact that these are incandescent bulb (sic), the EMF values are extremely low and at or below the resolution of the measurement equipment."  TheraBulb's LED bulb has been tested and its EMF emissions were recorded at .03mT.

The Company

I’ve worked with TheraBulb for many years and can say that they are a group of people that truly care about what they do and the products they produce.  They back their product and will go the extra mile to ensure you get what you are paying for.

As a result of all the above points we only use and recommend TheraBulb.