Portable Sauna Australia

When it comes to purchasing a sauna, you have multiple options and it can be very confusing.  Saunas come in traditional, far infrared, near infrared, portable and full spectrum but one of the biggest deciding factors for most people is the amount of space you have to put it in. That and the cost. Consider the benefits to a portable near infrared sauna.

Our portable near infrared sauna is built in Australia and can be used in any space, any place. 

Living in an apartment in the city?  No room in your house for a large wooden box sauna? No worries.

This unit makes getting a sauna simple.  You can use it in any small space like a shower stall, closet, bathroom or bathtub.  Or you can place it in an existing enclosure such as a tent.

Sauna Cost

Extremely cost effective, easy to set up and easy to take down and store.  Use it on the stand or hang it (both included) to increase its versatility.

In addition, because we use TheraBulb incandescent lamps you are getting ALL of the types of saunas, with the exception of traditional, in one portable unit.  The lamps emit both far and near infrared and are the best source of a full spectrum sauna you can get.

Structure plus discipline equals success and when you have your sauna in the comfort of your home you are far more likely to use it regularly.

Saunas are well documented and researched to show increased longevity, energy, and relaxation.  They have also been proven to decrease cardiovascular and brain disease.  A portable sauna in australia is our specialty and we have been manufacturing and researching saunas for 10 years.  

No matter how you look at it a portable sauna makes sense.