Why You Need To Sauna When You Are Over 50. Brain Health

When it comes to increasing our brain function with the use of a sauna there are two distinct aspects at work.  Heat benefits and photobiomodulation benefits. 

When we look at the studies into the heat benefits we find a 2016 study over 20 years that showed a 65% decrease in Alzheimer’s and dementia.  In a 2018 study males and females were found to have a 61% less chance of a stroke. Another study found 50% less chance of incidence of dementia.  Most studies found it best if you did them 5-7 times per week so the take home is that you should have a sauna at home.

The photobiomodulation benefits are even far more impressive. An entire field is looking at this with ever increasing research.  Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, depression, and cognition all benefit.  It works by increasing ATP production in the brain and decreaseing inflammation.

Application can be transcranial or by remote or indirect application. This remote application is likely how nature does things and the near infrared sauna specifically is the closest you can get to the natural way of doing things.  If you are over 50 now is the time to get into a regular sauna habit. Your brain will love you.

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