Why You Need To Sauna When You Are Over 50. Cardiovascular

Over the years it’s become clear that there is a huge disconnect of knowledge when we look at saunas and heat therapy for cardiovascular disease.  The general population, and even worse doctors,  seem to think sauna therapy is a problem for blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In this video we cover the top 10 ways a near infrared sauna can help with cardiovascular disease.

Near infrared sauna therapy can help by improving your lipid profile, and by mimicking exercise by getting sweat and blood flow going. Saunas can reduce your risk of stroke by 61% and they can be used for stroke rehabilitation. Note this benefit is distinctly from the photobiomodulation aspect (near infrared and red light) not the heat part.  Sauna’s can reduce high blood pressure and they can release Nitric oxide (NO) which helps with blood pressure and increased circulation.  They can improve your endothelial function meaning they can reduce stiffness in the arteries.  Any type of sauna increases your heart rate variability (HRV) and this is a huge benefit as this reduces your overall stress.  It lowers your overall risk of cardiovascular death by 48%, and it reduces inflammation in a systemic way which is great for everyone.

Who shouldn’t use it?  Very few, but they are described at the end of the video. If you are at all in doubt whether a near infrared sauna is for you check with your doctor, but be aware most GP’s are not up to date on sauna therapy.


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