The Health Benefits Of A Near Infrared Sauna Using TheraBulbs

In this video I will share over 24 different ways that a near infrared portable sauna, that uses TheraBulb incandescent heat lamps, can benefit your health and well-being.  A NIR sauna is essential for home use in our opinion.

There are two separate and distinct ways that you get these benefits.

  1. Photobiomodulation (the application of red and near infrared light)
  2. Heat (via a near infrared or other type of sauna)

The benefits are as follows.

Photobiomodulation.   ATP (energy) is increased, pain management, inflammation control, skin benefits, increased circulation, decrease muscle tension, arthritis management, tendonitis, skin conditions, lyme disease, wound healing, cardiovascular health, brain health, athletic performance, diabetes

Heat benefits.  Brain health, cardiovascular benefits, stress management, diabetes, detoxification, heat acclimatisation, exercise mimic, decreased lactic acid, human growth hormone, increase production of heat shock proteins, increases muscle growth

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