Vitamin D or Photobiomodulation: Who Is Really Providing The Benefits?

Most of us are light deficient.  This is why we often have low Vitamin D.  

Vitamin D is very well studied and we know there are a lot of benefits to having a proper level.  What is emerging more and more are the beneficial effects of red and near infrared light via photobiomodulation.  What is frustrating with the Vitamin D research is that one study seems to show a benefit while another doesn’t. 

What if it turns out that many of the benefits that are attributed to Vitamin D area actually coming from the red and near infrared light?  This is very possible.

Perhaps we need all wavelengths of light and there are many biological effects that might be intertwined.  What we can say is we need light to function optimally and we are, as a population, light deficient.  Get outside and get safe, proper light exposure or use a near infrared sauna to mimic the sun as much as we can.

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