Stress Relief Is The #1 Benefit Of Regular Sauna Use

Stress relief has been shown in studies to be the number one reason that people use saunas.  As far as a sauna benefit goes this is one that can't be underestimated.  All saunas will help with this as its the heat that seems to have the stress reduction benefit.  Of course if you are wanting to add on the extra photobiomodulation benefits a near infrared sauna or full spectrum sauna will increase the sauna benefits.

A recent research paper has shown that you can decrease the sympathetic stress response in a single session. This is the fight or flight response and the amount we show in the video is significant.  The paper also showed that you get a significant increase in the parasympathetic response which turns OFF the fight or flight response.  Put them together and you have a significant tool to help with your stress management.

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