What To Look For In A Near Infrared Sauna Bulb: TheraBulb

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Precious Dawn Rose on 12 Mar 2019
Just wanting to know that these were right bulbs for skin tighten an excactly the distance you sit from thera bulb to reap benefits an why it can't just be in used in an open room

If you want to benefit from the Therabulb for skin health you would tend to use it from a distance. 2.63mW/cm2 at 100cm will cover a good amount of skin and will keep the heat down as you don’t want a lot of heat when treating the skin. 20 minutes would be 3J/cm2 which is the low end of a good skin dose. If you use it at 60 cm you would have a dose of 8J/cm2 which is in the middle of the suggested dose for skin. Not sure why you say it can’t just be in an open room as you certainly can. For a sauna you need a smaller space but for single lamp use on skin you can do anywhere.

Alternatively if skin is your only goal you would be better advised to purchase an LED panel or lamp. These emit the SINGLE wavelengths that we know are good for skin (in particular 660nm) Easy to dose, quicker to use and in the case of the panel more of a full body treatment. The LED lamp is good just for face and is $150. The panel is $799 Of course you would then have the unit to use for brain health, injury, energy etc. Checkout www.lightintegration.com.au for all these options.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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