Near Vs Far Infrared Sauna Common Questions

Confused about near infrared saunas vs far infrared saunas?

Natural infrared light is a daily and required thing.  There are three types.  Near, mid and far infrared.  The biggest distinction is that near infrared light does not heat the body.  Mid and far infared light you will experience as heat.

Near infrared light therapy is called photobiomodulation or red light therapy.  it used to be called LLLT as well.   The benefits of this light are significant and you can google photobiomodulation and most any health condition and see what comes up.  It can even help work as a natural skin sunscreen equivalent to an SBF 15 sunscreen.

It works by increasing your ATP production and by decreasing your inflammation.  Also in many other ways including turning on and off certain genes that move you towards BETTER health.

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