Top 2 Ways To Increase Stem Cell Production

As we age our stem cells decline in their ability to do what they were designed to do.  By some estimates we have lost 50% of our stem cell activity by age 35 and by age 65 almost all of it.  The horrible reality of it all, is that as we age and need it the most, the production of stem cells has dropped off making healing difficult. Photobiomodulation is proving to be a way to maximise stem cell activity as we age.

In this blog I will present the early evidence that is showing how photobiomodulation is increasing stem cells as well as how the X-39 patch is doing so with similar technology.

When you activate and mobilise your bodies stem cells many things happen.  Things like rapid pain relief, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, increased wound healing, increased energy and vitality, enhanced sports performance, healthier skin, better sleep, and faster recovery from exercise to mention a few.  As an over 50 year old these are all things most of us are wanting to improve.

Photobiomodulation and Stem Cell Production

A recent 2022 study titled Photobiomodulation Therapy to Autologous Bone Marrow in Humans Significantly Increases the Concentration of Circulating Stem Cells and Macrophages: A Pilot Study clearly shows an increase in stem cell production.

They applied a near infrared laser with a wavelength of 808nm to both tibia's of 15 volunteers.  They found that CD-34+ (a marker for stem cells) increased from 7.8 to 29.5 commencing from 2 hours post application of the photobiomodulation and had a peak at 2 to 4 days later.  The levels then gradually returned to normal.  They concluded that the "application of photobiomodulation to the bone marrow in humans can significantly increase the concentration of CD-34+ cells. These cells may consequently home in on the impaired target organs and improve their function"

The implications of the drop after several days suggest that regular photobiomodulation sessions should be undertaken to ensure our stem cell levels are adequate.

This was supported in another study from 2021 titled  Photobiomodulation has rejuvenating effects on aged bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.  We have summarised it here STEM CELLS RESTORED WITH PHOTOBIOMODULATION

X-39 and Stem Cell Production

Another very interesting product is the transdermal X-39 patch by LIFEWAVE

This product reflects our natural infrared light back into the body mimicking what photobiomodulation does.

In the research they have done they found that the patch increases a peptide called GHK and this then produces GHK-Cu.  This in turn, triggers our stem cell production as well as a host of other benefits.

You’ll see in the following list from the research paper titled Regenerative and Protective Actions of the GHK-Cu Peptide in the Light of the New Gene Data that the benefits are almost identical to those of photobiomodulation listed above. This implies that they are working in very similar fashions, but more research needs to be done.  The common denominator would appear to be the bodies utilization of red and near infrared light which is collectively called photobiomodulation.

They state “As new gene profiling studies reveal, GHK with and without copper affects a large number of genes related to an organism’s response to stress and injury (tissue remodelling, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, blood vessel growth, nerve outgrowth, anti-cancer action).

It is quite clear that both photobiomodulation and the application of the X-39 transdermal patch increase our stem cells.

As we age, this will most likely prove to be very important to our anti-aging efforts.

Actions We Can Take Now

Personally, I use my near infrared sauna about four times per week and I use the X-39 LifeWave patch daily. Yes, I believe more research needs to be done to determine best wavelengths, length of exposure etc, but if you want to benefit now there are options.  I'm not offering medical advice.....just sharing what I do to maximise my stem cell production and overall health.

Anecdotally, I notice a LOT of benefits.  Objectively, I notice improvements in my sleep, recovery and heart rate variability which I measure with my Oura ring.

If you are over 50 or just looking to benefit from stem cells we provide both near infrared saunas (also known as full spectrum saunas) and the X-39 Lifewave patch at Lifestyle Integration.

Not sure about anything or have a few questions?  Reach out to us at email/info)( or drop a question in the comments below.

Yours in Health,

Dr Todd Lizon (Chiropractor)
B.P.H.E., D.C.

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