Does A Portable Sauna Really Work?

Yes, a portable sauna really works.  However, there are some factors you need to consider to reap the sauna benefits you are seeking.  Here we explore what those are so you can select the best sauna for your particular needs.

Types Of Portable Sauna

The first thing we need to understand is that there are three types.  There are far infrared sauna blankets, far infrared “sit in a small tent with your head out” portable sauna and the portable near infrared sauna.

portable near infrared sauna being used

They all provide adequate heat to get your sauna benefits.

They are all very efficient from an electrical perspective as they take up less space than a larger sauna. This saves you money.

One of the differences is that you lie down for the sauna blanket.  This can be more relaxing.  The drawback is that often you are suggested to wear clothes, so this increases laundry and inconvenience.

From a space perspective it’s hard to argue against the sauna blanket as being easiest.  That being said both, the portable and the portable near infrared sauna take up very little floor space and both can be easily stored away. 

The near infrared portable sauna is a little different in that to get the full sauna benefit you need to use it in a small space.  This can be a shower stall, bathtub, closet or tent.  Especially in cooler temperature where the ambient air temperature is cool.  This can all easily be done but the other two types do come with the enclosure “built in”.

Suffice to say from a space perspective they are all effective.

From a cost perspective the least expensive is usually the typical portable sauna followed by the sauna blanket and then the near infrared sauna.

Be aware of the materials that the unit is built from. You want natural materials where possible, ease of cleaning and quality workmanship.  Cheapest is not always best.

To get the biggest sauna benefit the portable near infrared sauna holds the edge.  The reason is because you get the heat provided by the far infrared just like the other types of portable sauna but you also get the photobiomodulation benefits.

Photobiomodulation or red light therapy, is the application of light to the body.  The additional sauna benefit of this therapy OUTWEIGHS the benefits of the sauna heat itself.  This science is stunning and if in doubt google photobiomodulation and a condition you want to look into such as Alzheimer’s or thyroid and see what comes up.

You are also going to get a full spectrum sauna when you use a near infrared sauna.  The other sauna types can’t provide this benefit.


PRICE:  Portable infrared sauna is the cheapest

POSITION: Sauna blanket is the most relaxing

EFFECTIVE: portable near infrared sauna is the most effective

CONCLUSION:  take a look at your space, your needs, your budget and from there you will be able to determine what sauna is best for you and will deliver the maximum sauna benefits.

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Yours in Health,

Dr Todd Lizon (Chiropractor)
B.P.H.E., D.C

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