Combination Heat And Near Infrared Light Therapy For Alzheimer's And Dementia

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deb summers on 19 Nov 2017
What have people with Parkinson's found when they use this unit?
Dr Todd Lizon on 21 Nov 2017
I'd love to hear any comments people might have on this! I do need to point out a few thing and the first is that the near infrared that comes from the heat lamps is the same as the near infrared in the studies. However, the difference is that it is not concentrated into a single wavelength and not as strong. It won't penetrate the skull. It will have an effect on the brain from an indirect effect however. This indirect effect is currently still being studied but it seems that applying near infrared on a remote part of the body will have effects systemically including the brain. Whether it is therapeutic enough to say it's "treating" parkinson's remains to be seen. Full disclosure and integrity in health care is key.

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