Get Off Thyroid Hormones With Near Infrared Light

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Anne Lynch on 18 Oct 2018
Hi Todd,
I love the near infra red light saunas that you have produced and will be purchasing one very soon. However, I am a little confused about how to use it. You clearly state that you can sit 60 cms away from it, having the top bulb pointed at your thyroid area, and use it for 20 mins 5x per week for 5 weeks (or longer) for assistance with thyroid problems. However, all of the other research I have read about using these saunas state that you should rotate your body approximately every 5 minutes so that both the front and back of your body are evenly 'treated'. Is this the same when 'treating' your thyroid, or do you just sit there with the front of your body facing the lamps for the full 20 minutes? Please forgive me if you have answered this question elsewhere.
Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Kind regards,
Anne Lynch

Hi Annie,
The challenge with the sauna is that you have to have to have the heat while applying the NIR and red light. As a result it's difficult to get both the sauna effect and the thyroid effect. I would suggest, for most, to face the lights for the majority of the time you are in the sauna. Have it on your back maybe once or twice but stick more to the front. The ultimate solution will be to have access to an LED light source (no heat) and we are releasing these products within weeks.

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