Near Infrared and Skin Preconditioning: Natural Sunscreen Protection

We have all heard about the damage that the sun can do, and it would be silly to argue that excessive UV rays are not damaging.  However, we have all evolved with the sun and research is now showing very clever ways that it has built in natural protection to the damaging UV rays.

Photobiomodulation is the application of red and near infrared light to the body. This can increase energy production, decrease inflammation and more.  

This photobiomodulation has also been found to protect against sunburn.  When you expose yourself to the red and near infrared light first thing in the morning before the UV rays dominate your skin gets preconditioned to protect agains UV rays similar to an SBF 15 sunscreen.

The problem we have is we have been using the sun wrong all this time!!!  We jump out into it in the middle of the day, burn and then declare the sun to be bad.  A key strategy to undertake is to witness the sunrise and spend time in the sun then. This will then protect you similar to an SBF 15 sunscreen.

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