Near Infrared: The Key To Losing Stubborn Weight and Cellulite

Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for the chronic degenerative diseases that are killing us such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. As the level of excess weight increases, so does the risk of developing these conditions.  Why is this happening?  Most experts agree we are doing it to ourselves with our stress and pathological lifestyles and the fix is therefore to get back to physiologically compatible lifestyles where we eat right, exercise well, manage stress and live as nature has intended for us to live.

Exposure to sunlight is part of this and if anyone is serious about losing weight they need to consider their exposure to daily sunlight and specifically the near infared spectrum.  Regular exposure to near infrared saunas will help people to lose weight in at least two unique ways, as well as have countless other positive benefits on the body, making it mandatory in every modern home.

In 2013 the medical journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine published a review study called Low-Level Laser Therapy for Fat layer Reduction: A Comprehensive Review.  In it they look at the role that near infrared (NIR) plays on weight loss.  Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is how they applied the NIR.

They report that "LLLT has a potential to be used in fat and cellulite reduction as well as in improvement of blood lipid profile without any significant side effects."  However, they also report that, like so many promising therapies that "although the present studies HAVE (my emphasis) demonstrated safety and efficacy of LLLT in fat layer reduction, studies demonstrating the efficacy of LLLT as a stand alone procedure are still inadequate."

So what does all this mean?

It works.

It works in a few proposed ways which need further research to clarify.  You can read the paper for the mechanisms of HOW it works but at the end of the day it works and this is very exciting.

There is a challenge though and it is how can you get your hands on a laser?

You probably can't but there is another solution.  The red 250W infrared bulbs you may have seen at the hardware store also produce primarily near infrared.  The Philips infrared heating lamps have a wavelength spectrum with a pronounced peak at approximately 1000nm in the deep-penetrating near infrared range.  The near infrared applied by these lamps is no different to the near infrared applied as lasers.  You may need to apply the lamps longer than the laser but the NIR is the same.

Remember how I mentioned at the beginning there are two unique ways NIR can help you lose weight?

There is another benefit to these lamps and that is that they can be used to create a sauna.

When you put four of these lamps together you have a dry sauna and the unit will look something like this. Near Infrared Sauna You simply sit in front of these NIR heat lamps and you will have the identical sweating experience of being in a wet sauna where you throw water on hot rocks.  What's the big deal about the sauna and losing weight you might be asking?

Allan Rozenberg in his white paper called The Wellness Benefits of VIVIR's Immersive Far Infrared Therapy explains.  "It is commonly understood that the act of sweating will reduce body weight. While a majority of this weight is water loss that is replenished quickly by rehydration, there is much more to the process. It is not as simple as water leaking out of a sponge. Sweating is a complex function and involves millions of glands that produce sweat to cool the body through evaporation. Those glands consume energy while secreting sweat but that is only a fraction of the energy consumed from whole body hyperthermia. The body's thermoregulatory process involves heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolism, all of which consume calories. Sweating from heat conditioned infrared therapy users can approach the rate of 2 liters (approximately 2000 grams) per hour of use.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR), the rate that the body burns calories when at rest, is enormously affected by body temperature. In metabolic studies of patients with fever, their metabolic rate increased by 7% for each 0.5ºC . Body temperature can easily rise 1ºC in a 45 minute far infrared heating session as delivered by Vivir which increases the calories burned by 15% without any exercise. Numerous studies have shown that repeated whole body hyperthermia sessions like those delivered by Vivir can lead to weight loss. Biro, et al, studied 10 obese subjects that participated in daily far infrared sauna therapy sessions. The body weight of these subjects significantly decreased after only 2 weeks. They also discussed a patient who was unable to exercise due to osteoarthritis who lost 38 pounds after only 10 weeks of far infrared sauna therapy"

Now don't get tricked by the far infrared reference.  That's just how the heat was applied.  The near infrared applies heat essentially identically (in fact the bulb has some far infrared in it's spectrum) and the calories will also be burned by an increase of 15% without any exercise.

There's more though.

Remember the LLLT therapy and the weight loss?  That's ONLY NEAR INFRARED.  Not far infrared.

This means that for maximum effect, the best way to look at weight and cellulite loss from this perspective is

  1. Use of near infrared lamps to mimic the abundant LLLT research
  2. Use of near infrared lamps to create a sauna and benefit from it's weight loss properties.

In my opinion, the combination of the two is where you really benefit.

Not sure?  Keep in mind that not only is near infrared beneficial for weight loss.  The research shows that it's beneficial for many health conditions.  Here a few I've written about.  It would appear that we need near infrared to function optimally.

The list is even longer than this and covers things like reduction of pain and inflammation, stimulation of healing and tissue regeneration, depression, hair regrowth, heart attack recovery, stroke, chronic joint issues such as arthritis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury etc.

Weight loss may be your goal and if it is consider purchasing a Portable Near Infrared Sauna from Lifestyle Integration.

However, there are even bigger things to keep in mind though, as the day may not be far off when most homes will have a light source to be used for aches, pains, cuts, bruises, joints and the other conditions listed above.  The question is can you afford to not be using light therapy especially when it's so beneficial and easy to apply?

For more information, blogs or to purchase a near infrared sauna visit us at

Dr Todd Lizon B.P.H.E., D.C.

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Paula Ewins on 27 May 2018
Hello. I am from uk. And have a 4 x 250 watt near infra red board which i hang on back of door. As i can only sit or stand how is this beneficial for cellulite .and how long do i use bulbs for thank you

The NIR and red light should help the cellulite. These frequencies don’t have any heat to them. The heat on the other hand is not overly helpful for cellulite so ensure that you don’t really get any closer to the lamps than about 60cm. Cumulative dose over time may help the cellulite but the research is still mixed. One of the challenges with the heat lamps is that you can’t really measure the amount of NIR light. We know it’s there but it’s difficult to assess whats called the power density and without this you can’t really calculate an accurate dose. So with that being said use your sauna regularly and see what results you get.

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