Product Questions

How much space does the portable near infrared sauna take up?

The portable near infrared sauna is a very compact 40cm long x 43 cm wide and 108 cm high.

Where should I use my portable near infrared sauna for maximum benefit?

It is best used in a shower cubicle or bathtub as this creates an enclosure for heat retention and easy clean-up with no sweat stain issues. However as it can be used on its stand or hung anyone can use it in ANY space making this the most versatile unit on the market.

How much does it cost to operate the portable near infrared sauna?

This is one of the primary benefits of a near infrared sauna. The average kilowatt-hour (kW-hr) cost in Queensland is about $0.23. That means that operating a device that uses 1 kW of electricity for 1 hour costs $0.23. Our 4 Lamp sauna uses 1000 W, or 1 kW so it is totally energy-efficient, only costing an average $0.23 per hour of use. Far infrared saunas use far more and require special wiring as a result.

How much does it cost to ship a Portable Near Infrared Sauna?

Not as much as you might think! The unit is very compact and light which means it ships in a single box via Australia Post. Prices vary from state to state and to various countries but you can get the exact amount of postage to your area when you enter your details in the website.

Are there any chemical treatments to the wood or saunas?

The wood used is natural untreated pine. There is a small amount of glue used in the construction of the units.

Does the NIR sauna comply with Australian electrical standards?

Yes. Every unit is professionally wired, and then tested and tagged by a certified electrician.

Do I need to buy a stool?

The bottom line is you can use most any stool or chair but you should strongly consider it. Our hand crafted sauna stool allows for easy rotation creating the best experience with your portable near infrared sauna. Raw wood is also the best material to use in your sauna verses synthetics.

What are the specifics of the stool?

It is custom designed and handmade in Australia from solid pine and has a contoured top sanded to silky smooth finish. It has a 3 piece simple construction/assembly requiring NO tools or glue and the wood has a zero VOC rating. Assembled dimensions are Height 46cm, Seat Width: 30cm, Leg Width 36cm.

What happens if a bulb breaks or burns out?

The lifespan of most bulbs is up to 5000 hours so you should be fine for some time to come. When the inevitable does happen and a bulb breaks or burns out replacement bulbs can be purchased from some hardware stores or if you can’t find them we can provide on a request basis only.

Does it contain UV rays?

No. Infrared is not the same as ultraviolet and there are no harmful ultraviolet rays in our near infrared saunas.

Is the sauna helpful for Lyme Disease?

Yes. While not everyone will benefit, many will see and feel improvements for the following reasons. First, near infrared can help regenerate tissue damage from spirochetes in the joints. Second, raising core temperatures daily in the sauna helps weaken and kill spirochetes while greatly enhancing immune function. Third, regular sweating detoxifies heavy metals like mercury, which are thought to be a complicating factor in Lyme. Fourth, the enhancement of circulation helps potentiate the effects of antibiotics. Estimates say that antibiotic effectiveness in increased 16X with near infrared sauna use.

Do I need to use 4 lamps all the time?

No. Our unit is wired so you can select 1, 3, or all 4 bulbs to be on at one time. This helps you regulate the heat if you need to reduce it making your individual sessions more personalised and comfortable.

Can I use it for single lamp therapy or “spot” therapy?

Yes. It’s been wired to allow for a single lamp to be used in isolation allowing you to treat knees, shoulders or various wounds or inflamed areas.

Will the Portable Near Infrared Sauna make me sweat?

Yes it will when used correctly. However, depending on your individual health status and toxicity it may take some time for your body to develop the normal sweat response which is often compromised in many people. Over time this will improve and vigorous sweat will occur.

Are the lamps JUST NIR?

No. They uniquely provide primarily near, but also some mid and far infrared. This makes them the ideal solution for saunas as you get the benefits of the near infrared LIGHT and the benefits of the far infrared HEAT without the side effects of the EMF’s that most far infrared saunas emit as a result of their electrical wiring to their heating units.

Will the cage heat up?

A little but with normal time usage they will not heat up enough to be a burn hazard which the lights most certainly are if they were to be touched.

Where is the unit made?

The units are all proudly handmade in Queensland Australia by highly skilled craftsmen.

Can you use an extension cord with it?

Yes you can with no problems at all should you need one.

How long should I use it for?

Everyone is different and this depends on your circumstances. If in doubt less is better and you can work your session times up. Most people will use it for 15-30 minutes at a time and do one to two sessions per day. Seek medical advice from your health practitioner for correct usage for your circumstances.

Is there a minimum age for saunas?

Children under 6 should not use it. Children under 10 should be supervised.

How often do I rotate?

Every several minutes you may wish to rotate to heat the body evenly.

What do I do in the sauna?

As little as possible. For best results one should be relaxed and this can’t be emphasised enough. Meditation and deep breathing practices are encouraged.

How often should I use it?

Your health practitioner can best suggest this. Safe usage for most is 20 minutes per day but for various purposes time can, and often should, be increased but again only under health practitioner suggestions.

When shouldn’t I use it?

With alcohol, when dehydrated or if you are feeling faint. While in it if you stop sweating, feel faint, your heart starts to race or you feel unwell you should stop the session.

What do I do before a sauna session?

Drink 250ml to 500ml of water. You may wish to preheat the sauna before you start your session but this is not usually needed.

What do I do after a sauna session?

After a sauna session, shower off or you can towel off if you do not have time for a shower, although showering is best. Use as little soap as needed, and only a natural soap. Always relax after a sauna session to allow the body to readjust, about 10 to 15minutes. Do not go right back to daily activities. Drink some more water.

Can it replace exercise?

Yes and no. Nothing truly replaces exercise however the sauna will raise your heartbeat and get the blood flowing just like exercise. You will also sweat, lose weight, raise your metabolism and really pump the blood through the body. From this perspective and others like increasing your insulin sensitivity it can be an EXCELLENT alternative to exercise particularly for those with painful joints that can’t exercise or don’t want to for various reasons.

Can I point the lamps at my head?

Yes and there are wonderful studies that show NIR applied to the head can help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Consult your health practitioner.

Do I need to do anything or worry about my eyes?

No. Some people have suggested NIR is bad for the eyes but this is simply not true with multiple studies showing the exact opposite that NIR is helpful for optic nerve issues, macular degeneration and other eye issues. With normal sauna use there is no issue. We don’t suggest staring into light however.

How long after a meal do I need to wait?

It is best to wait at least one hour.

Can I use it if I feel an infection coming on?

Yes and this is encouraged. When you sauna one of the effects is the raising of the body a couple of degrees which mimics fever. Fever is a natural body state used to help kill off infections so at the first sign of an infection sauna use can be very beneficial.

Won’t I lose electrolytes?

Some but if you use a quality sea salt on your meals and use kelp as a supplement there shouldn’t be any issues.

Do I wear clothes?

In general no you do not.

Do I use it if pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended while pregnant. With breastfeeding it is also not suggested. The only exception would be if it is a matter of dire importance to the mother, such as in a case of cancer or another serious condition and advice should be sought from your medical practitioner.

Should testicles be exposed?

The testicles should remain cooler than the rest of the body. Technically, it may be best to avoid direct infrared irradiation of the testicles if you are concerned about fertility and you may place a towel over them. However a study from Finland reported no evidence that hot air sauna use decreases sperm count in men.

Do I need to preheat before I use it?

You may wish to do this at times but it is often not needed.

Do I need to clean the sauna?

No. You should have not need to clean the actual unit. You may wish to be aware of sweat stains on the floor however and make good use of towels if you are not in a shower or bathtub. Wash the towels regularly.

What about breast implants or metallic pins?

Theoretically these could heat up in an infrared sauna, although we have not observed this. Begin with less time in the sauna, becoming aware of any unusual sensations in the area of the prostheses or pins.

Will using this have an effect on my medication use?

Rarely, heating the body may alter the properties or effects of a medication. Consult the prescribing physician if this is a concern.

Is more better?

No, more is not always better and it is very easy to overdo things in a NIR sauna. Always start with shorter sessions and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

What about animals… can they use it?

Do not bring pets into a sauna as they often do not sweat as easily and may overheat in a sauna. One may use a single red infrared heat lamp to treat an infection, abscess or other local condition in an animal.

How do you adjust it for height when hanging it?

The unit comes with a hanging unit that is easily adjusted and explained in the manual. It can be hung in virtually any environment.

Are a sauna frame and cover important? Can’t I just use the Portable Near Infrared Sauna on it’s own for my Near Infrared Lamp Sauna Therapy?

For the vast majority of people the portable sauna is effective on it's own. However, if the air temperature around you is quite cool, this cold air can somewhat counteract the hyperthermic effect you are trying to achieve and an enclosure, while not absolutely essential, can be helpful and in this circumstance makes for a better experience. Approximately 95% of people will not need an enclosure.

Can I plug in a Portable Near Infrared Sauna in a standard home Australian outlet?

Yes. Our unit is specifically designed to “plug and play”. There is no wiring that needs to be done, you simply plug it in and it is ready for use.

Do you ship internationally outside of Australia?

At this point and time we only ship saunas to Australia and New Zealand. Requests to other countries will be considered.

Can I operate a Portable Near Infrared Sauna anywhere in the world?

The short answer is no. The reason is that there are two main voltage environments in the world, 110/120 V (referred to herein as 120 V) and 220/230/240 V (referred to herein as 240 V). Our unit is wired for 240V and Australian use. If you live in a country that uses 240V you can use it. The USA and Canada do not use 240V.

Can I install my portable near infrared sauna outdoors?

No. The materials and electrical components are not designed for outdoor use.

Shipping and Processing Questions

Which shipping carriers do we use?

We support and use Australia post. Shipments usually arrive in 5-8 business days depending on how far it needs to travel. A tracking number is provided.

Do We Ship With Signature Required?

Yes. By default we ship signature required to ensure the security of the delivery. If no one is present to accept the package, Australia Post will leave notification of when and where the package can be picked up. If you wish to know approximately when the parcel will be delivered to ensure you are home you can use the tracking number to assist.

How long will it take for my order to ship once I’ve submitted payment?

The vast majority of the time we have inventory on hand and we will ship within 1-2 business days. If there is going to be any delay we will notify you by email.

How long does it take for the sauna to be delivered?

Delivery is with normal Australia post and travels from Cairns in Queensland. Experience tells us most people can expect delivery within 5-8 business days of when it is shipped however further destinations such as WA and TAS can take longer. A tracking number is provided so you can see it's progress.

Payment and Other Questions

What forms of payment does Lifestyle Integration accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and direct bank transfer.

Can I be confident that my sensitive payment information is secured?

Yes. We use end to end site encryption so that no matter where you navigate on our site your visit is private along with your information. We use SSL security that ensures the security of your data and keeps our site completely PCI compliant.

How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

For all the details click the link at the bottom of the home page.

When does the 30 day Money Back Guarantee Period Start?

It begins the day you receive your sauna.

Will my shipping charges be refunded under the 30 day Money Back Guarantee Period?

No, our 30 day trial excludes any return shipping charges.

What sort of warranty come with the unit?

It comes with a two year warranty on the unit. Bulbs are not guaranteed. For all the details click the link at the bottom of the home page.