Portable Near Infrared Sauna

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Portable Near Infrared SAUNA

Our unit uses 4 low EMF infrared tungsten lamps that provide the natural fusion of light AND heat therapy for the ultimate sauna experience.  Handmade by expert craftsmen in Australia it can be used on the stand or hung (all included) for maximum versatility and effectiveness.

The portable near infrared sauna is truly the most versatile and practical unit on the market as we make use of your existing space (everyone has a shower, bathtub or small space). Gone are the days where you need bulky, expensive and often unsightly enclosures.   The high quality design and unit will provide a lifetime of reliable and flexible sauna use, will move easily with you over your lifetime, and won’t break the bank.  Don’t settle for bulky and expensive enclosures or, even worse, just the heat benefits of a far infrared sauna.

The dual action of heat AND near infrared therapy is what makes this unit the logical choice over traditional and far infrared saunas.  That and It’s unique versatility, practicality and cost effectiveness. For more details, see this video.

The lamps are the key to the extra health benefits and detoxification over far infrared saunas.  These incandescent (tungsten) heat lamps emit the full spectrum of red and near infrared light with pronounced peaks in the clinically researched and highly therapeutic wavelength ranges.  They ALSO provide the gentle heat producing wavelengths of mid and far infrared (without the EMF’s) providing you with the COMPLETE healing and detoxifying sauna experience you are looking for.

Key Product Features

  • Designed for shower and bathtub use as well as other small spaces (“any place, any space”)
  • 3 light settings allow for control of heat and focal single lamp spot therapy
  • Full spectrum healing with both near and far infrared benefits.
  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Very low to zero EMF emissions
  • Exceptionally cost effective sauna to both operate and purchase
  • Adjustable for correct lamp height both on the stand and hanging
  • Simple 15 minute initial setup using a single Philips screwdriver
  • Untreated natural Australian pine with zero VOC rating
  • Wired, tagged and tested by certified electricians
  • No bulky, unsightly enclosures needed
  • Steel guard for burn safety
  • 30 day trial
  • 2 year warranty

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Handy Stool

For the complete sauna experience and to save money add our hand crafted pine stool to your order for just $165.

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